About Me

I’ve been working as a costumer designer and buyer for over 12 years. My working background is in film and tv commercials.

What will I bring to your life…

I will be your window into a world that will effortlessly make you feel great about yourself, I ultimately want you to gain confidence in your appearance.

I strongly believe that feeling comfortable and attractive in what you wear boosts your confidence and ultimately this can be very empowering. This is my goal for all my clients.

Our bodies are changing and I want you to embrace this.  I’ll show you palettes that suit you colouring and explore whether you are Summer, Spring, Winter or Autumn. I’ll listen to your wardrobe likes and dislikes and also introduce you to clothes you might not ordinarily wear.

As a client of mine, you will always be a client. If I am shopping in a sample sale in Nottinghill or rooting through a vintage shop in New York and see something that I think will suit you I will photograph it and send through to you (no extra charge).

 My unique personal shopping style…

After your ‘Wardrobe Analysis’ and ‘Style Review’ I’ll go out and shop for you and return to your home armed with all your new purchases. You’ll try on the new clothes with your existing wardrobe in the comfort of your own home. I’ll leave you with a wardrobe you love, 10 polaroids to stick to the inside of your wardrobe with your new 10 favourite outfits!