Why use my Service?

Do you feel….

  • Tired of never knowing what to wear even though your wardrobe is bursting with clothes
  • Don’t feel as good as you’d like to when you get ready
  • Your body has changed and struggling to find clothes that suit you
  • Don’t have time to shop
  • Don’t know where to shop
  • Don’t like shopping
  • Know what you want but can’t find it
  • Need something for a special occasion

Why use my services?

  • De-cluttering your wardrobe will reveal gems you’ve forgotten about
  • Reveal clothes that have not been worn with the right items.
  • You will stop buying items that you probably already own (I did a re-clutter recently and found I owned 8 pairs of skinny black jeans!).
  • This will save you money in the long run as there will be no more panic buys of items you’ll never wear.
  • I’ll teach you what suits your body shape
  • Introduce new brands
  • Show you colour palettes that suit your colouring.
  • This will give you confidence when shopping in the future.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I want to leave you at the end of our session together with a wardrobe that you love!


The beginning

Initially, its very important that I build a clear profile of you.

  • We’ll discuss what you currently wear, and what you aspire to wear.
  • I need to understand you, your life style and your wardrobe needs.